Whidbey Island Eagles
Aerie #3418
16691 Hwy. 525, Langley, WA


Our Club is located on Hwy 525 (the only highway running the length of Whidbey Island) in a beautiful rural setting, about 10 minutes from the Clinton Ferry and 40 minutes South of Oak Harbor. Don't follow the signs to Langley! We're only 3 minutes from Freeland, right off the highway. Our landmark is a large American flag above our highway signboards. We're easy to find!

  Our Bartender's pours are both generous and inexpensive, pull tabs are allowed to get competitively low in the bin, and the popcorn and coffee is free and almost always warm. We offer very reasonably priced Wednesday and Friday night dinners and probably the best Sunday breakfasts on the Island. We also frequently have dinner dances, seafood feeds, and various entertainments. All of our activities are open to the public although you must be an Eagles member (any Aerie) to order a cocktail.


Our clean, spacious, and well lit cocktail lounge is frequented by locals and traveling new friends too. Come early to our dinners; we fill up fast!


We have a heated and comfortable smoking area convenient to the bar. Do you smoke a pipe or cigars? No problem! You're welcome in our smoking lounge.


Our kitchen is modern, "State Of The Art," inspected and certified by the State of Washington as fully compliant to ALL standards.


Chef, Server, and frequent bottle washer Joanie, concocts great meals, but then donates much of her profits to various charities.

   Many of our members are avid RVers and always appreciate a clean and attractive RV park. So, we built such a facility at our club. We have 8 hookups with water and power, and fellow Eagles are welcome to stay for up to two weeks. There is a near by dump at the South Whidbey State Park off Bush Point road. If there is an overflow in the hookup spaces, new arrivals can dry camp in our spacious parking lot until a hookup visitor has reached our two week limit. We do not allow long term hookups.

   We pride ourselves as being one of the friendliest, cleanest, and best managed Aeries in the country. We have many fund raising benefits for our local community and even though we are a small Aerie, each year we raise and give thousands of dollars to local charities. For example, every year we do a Pets With Santa Photo Shoot, with all proceeds going to the Whidbey animal shelter.


There's always a good turnout when the Seattle Seahawks are playing!

More info and Club Hours HERE